Code Of Conduct

  1. The following reflects the General Safety Rules as outlined in the Parent-Student Handbook.
  2. Please review safety rules and this code of conduct with your son or daughter.
  3. A signature of both parent and student is required below, and must be mailed with your application materials.

As a participant in the PJYC Sailing Program, I WILL:

Be Safe!

  1. Wear a properly fitted USCG life jacket at all times when on, in or nearthe water.
  2. Wear appropriate closed-toe shoes at all times.
  3. Remain within the sight and sound of my instructors and never goanywhere alone or without permission.
  4. Follow all instructions given by the PJYC Instructors and Staff.
  5. Never throw rocks or sand or engage in horseplay of any kind.
  6. Never jump off boats or docks.
  7. Never go swimming without the permission of my Instructor.
  8. Report any injury or accident, no matter how minor, immediately to my Instructor.

Be Respectful!

  1. Take good care of equipment, marine life, and the natural environment.
  2. Cooperate, be a good team player, and help keep it positive and fun.
  3. Keep it neat and clean- put all garbage and recycling where it belongs.
  4. Never use glass bottles or jars.
  5. Respect myself and peers – I will not bully, tease, use foul and/or inappropriate language, and will keep my hands and feet to myself.

Have Fun and Learn!

  1. Participate in all activities.
  2. Have a positive attitude.
  3. Leave all unnecessary items including electronic devices and valuables at home.

As a Parent of a participant in the PJYC Sailing Program, I WILL:

  1. Provide complete and accurate registration information, expressly emergency contact information and medical information.
  2. Review and sign the Code of Conduct with each participant I am responsible for.
  3. Adhere to safe Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures as outlined by PJYC including personally signing mychild in and out of class each day.
  4. Follow attendance, drop-off and pick-up policies.
  5. Send participants to PJYC with everything on the packing list.
  6. Address any questions, concerns or program problems with the Director of Sailing Education.

**I agree to assume the obligation for the expenses or repair and/or replacement of the program equipment, the damage of which is attributable to my child’s reckless or irresponsible behavior.

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