Things to bring to sailing class

We Strongly recommend you print this page in preparation for class!

PJYC is not responsible for loss or damage to the personal property of its sailors.


US Coast Guard Approved PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES (PFDs) are required to be worn by all Port Jefferson Yacht Club sailors and instructors at all times on the docks and while on the water. A properly fitted  US Coast Guard Approved Type III PFD is suggested and approved for all students by New York State. In addition, we recommend that a whistle be attached to the PFD. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that each student arrive each day with their own PFD to ensure a more comfortable fit. The sailing school will provide life jackets for those who don’t have a personal one. Contact school management for recommendations regarding PFDs.


All sailors are required to wear NON-MARKING CLOSED-TOE water shoes while involved in the PJYC Junior Sailing Program. Flip-flops, Crocs, and sandals are not permitted. You want shoes that can get wet and not fall off during capsize drills. Non-skid shoes are important for stable footing while sailing and to protect feet from splinters and other sharp objects on the docks or in the water.


Sailors are required to wear sunscreen. Please apply sunscreen to your child prior to his/her lesson, and send in their personal sunscreen, labeled with their name, for re-application throughout the day. Sunscreen should be reapplied before and after every time on the water.


The PJYC Junior Sailing Program encourages ALL sailors to wear hats and sunglasses to protect them from the harmful UV rays. Hats keep the sun off their forehead and noses, and keep hair from getting stuck in the boom/mainsheet.


Dress appropriately for the conditions. At a minimum, T-shirts and shorts must be worn at all times while enrolled in the PJYC Junior Sailing Program. Be sure to pack a dry change of clothes as there is a good likelihood that you will get wet! Wicking or rash guard shirts are suggested.

BATHING SUIT: Students will be on the water and swimming often. Please pack a bathing suit for your student.


Three hours in the sun is a long time. Staying hydrated is important! We recommend water or juice diluted with water, not soda or sugary drinks. As part of this sailing program, our students will learn ways to be a better steward of our environment. For that reason, we encourage a re-usable water bottle. PLEASE, NO GLASS CONTAINERS!


Please label any towels you send with your sailor.


Bring a tote bag or backpack to carry all of the above.



Students should be dropped off at the PJYC Junior Sailing Building at 8:45 for morning sessions and 12:45 for afternoon sessions. No early drop offs or late pick-ups are permitted. Children dropped off prior to 8:45 and 12:45 are not under supervision and are not the responsibility of the PJYC. Additionally, class ends promptly at noon for the morning session and 4 pm for the afternoon session. If you cannot be at the Sailing Building to pick up your child, please make other arrangements. Arriving to class on time is important. If a sailor arrives late, he or she will miss important information related to safety and the day’s activities. If the fleet is already on the water, the sailor may not be able to participate in class that day. All full day sailors must remain on site with our Instructors during the lunch break between Noon and 1pm.


In the interest of the safety of your children, ALL SAILORS MUST be signed in before each class by their parent or responsible adult, and must be signed out at the end of each session by a parent or responsible adult. If your child is walking home, please note this. We will not allow your child to leave without prior permission from a parent/legal guardian. PLEASE INDICATE IN YOUR REGISTRATION OR EMAIL THE STAFF OF WHO IS LEGALLY ALLOWED TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD.


All students must be comfortable in the water wearing a life jacket (aka PFD, Personal Floatation Device). Life jackets are required to be worn at all times while students are on or in the water (docks and boats). Contact school management if there are any questions.


Classes will be held each scheduled day regardless of weather. Safety is the NUMBER ONE PRIORITY of the PJYC Sailing Instructional Staff. Weather will be monitored and conditions for each day will dictate how much on the water sailing time each class will have. Some days bring thunderstorms, no wind, or too much wind, limiting time on the water. The sailing instructors will be well prepared with alternative land-based, educational programs and projects related to sailing should time on the water be limited. IT IS UP TO STAFF DISCRETION WHETHER STUDENTS WILL SAIL OR NOT. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR RAINY, HIGH WIND, OR NO WIND DAYS. Students will not be put back out on the water until one hour after thunder or lightning was last heard.


Simply put, water is not compatible with electronic devices. Please have sailors leave all cell phones, electronic games, and any other devices at home. For safety purposes, we also request that any jewelry be left at home. STAFF WILL REMOVE A STUDENTS DEVICE FROM THEM IF THEY BRING IT ON THE WATER, TO BE RETURNED AT THE END OF THE DAY.

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