Port Jefferson Yacht Club hosts social events through out the year. Our members gather at these events to share experiences, seek or offer advice and enjoy the camaraderie of people with a shared interest in boating.  Our outdoor barbecue grills are always available to members who might arrange an informal get-together, or wish to enjoy a beautiful from our deck while sipping on a cocktail from our Tell-Tales Bar or savoring a tasty morsel from the grill!

The Tell-Tales Bar is open every Friday night year round at 7 p.m., Tuesday & Saturday Race and Regatta Nights and select Sundays during the season.

Click HERE to see our calendar for social events and gatherings!

Please contact Laurina Nielsen at laurina_n@hotmail.com if you are interested in hosting or helping with any of these or if you would like to host an event not listed.

One Night At The Club

By Alan Siris, PJYC Member

The sky turns red, with a wisp and a trail.
We watch the sunset, from the club’s deck rail.
We are at home where, we can tell a tale
it is the Port Jeff Yacht Club, from where we hail.

The night begins, friends return from a trip.
We tell of adventures, over drinks we sip.
Fisherman boast, how much they caught in one clip.
There were stripers and fluke, to grill and to flip.

The sailors arrived, and plotted their cruise
with so many ports, which one will they choose ?
We rated our racers, and some made the news.
From New York to Bermuda, they pay their dues.

Commissioning brings, our summer nights
the weekly races, and the harbor lights.
We have hosted diners with savory bites
our social season, reaches new heights.

We seek our wisdom, from the membership base.
They are unsung, and are here just in case.
A committee guides, our charity race.
In our village we don’t, just take up space.

On most nights the men, won’t wear a sports coat.
We talk about the weather, and how we vote.
It doesn’t matter, the type of our boat.
Sometimes we’re just happy, that it can float.

We plan for our guests, and those befriended,
prepare our vessels, and have them well tended.
We have our differences, and regard them as mended.
We’re just like other families, that happen to be blended.